XMPP Rocks

While I was playing with the GWT system, the contents of one of the windows suddenly changed to 'XMPP rocks!'. I assume that Peter had sent a jabber message to the server, and the client has - almost - instantly updated that respective window.

I think this is hugely exciting. It makes me think of all sorts of new ways of working with web apps.

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pfisk said...

Anybody with a Gmail account can send messages to GWT Smalltalk.

The address is gwt-smalltalk@appspot.com

You will need to add this to your contacts list.

Messages starting with "@" are executed; all others are logged to the Transcript.

Send an IM from GWT Smalltalk to GMail:

XMPP send: 'someone@gmail.com'
message: 'hello'

Try sending the following to gwt-smalltalk@appspot.com

@Hello close

@Judy close

@Sam clear

@1 to: 100 by: 3 do:[:i | Sam println: i toString + ' hi Sam!']